Help Septic Systems Do Their Job

As the snow and cold are upon us, I wanted to remind everyone about a few things on a septic system… as back ups in your tub are NEVER a fun thing.  So in hopes of preventing that, here are a few reminders of the Do’s and Dont’s.

  • Do use liquid soaps.  Never powders that can clog the system.
  • Do use your garbage disposal very sparingly (if you even have one).  Most foods are better off in your trash can than down your septic.
  • Don’t do 5 loads of laundry in a few hours.  Some of our systems are older and this can back it up accidentally.
  • Don’t put anything, absolutely anything, but toilet paper down the system.  Flushable wipes are not septic friendly.  Diapers, feminine hygiene, etc. are all big No Nos.  Many systems are on a lift station and you can really over work the system if you’re trying to pump solids up.  It WILL back up and fail.  Leaving you without use of your bathroom.  So please don’t do it.

Alaska is always a fun place to live in the winter, full of extreme temperatures, so let’s help those poor systems out by taking really good care of them.

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