Winter Words for Wednesday

Lesson 2:  Do prepare a winter kit for the car.  Extra blankets, flashlight, flares, jumper cables, kitty litter or sand bags, tow cable, food and water.  All is needed if you get stuck and have to wait for help; especially if you are quite a ways out of town.

In regards to the water, remember that as water freezes it expands, so the lids can be pushed off of the water bottles.  Not a big deal you may think, but if you put the bottles in your trunk, where your spare tire probably is, the ice sticking out of the bottles will melt when you have the heat running in the car and then the water fills the gaps around the spare tire only to refreeze when your car is parked and not running for awhile.  When arriving back to the parked car, you discover you have a flat and need the spare tire.  The spare will be rendered useless as you can’t get it out because it is now frozen to the trunk of your car.  I do not advise standing in the cold to chip away at the ice ring around your spare, even if you have the time and patience to do that, because not all the ice will be removed from the tire, and it will have no traction on the road.  Fun times!

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